An inclusive playground for kids of all ages and abilities.

In addition to 23 acres of green space, Core Park is home to Saskatoon’s first certified, fully accessible playground. Ramps and decks make the equipment accessible to all, and sensors add visual, tactile and auditory fun.


In the dog days of summer, there’s nothing better than playing in the water. The thoughtfully designed spray park includes not only a variety of spray patterns for the kiddos, but also seating, a picnic area, and a dry off zone.


Teens and adults can test their agility skills on a 425 sq.m. obstacle challenge course. An artificial turf surface is there to soften any tumbles.


No Canadian community is complete without a tobogganing hill. Brighton’s is equipped for year-round family fun, with a giant slide for summer and safety in mind for winter sledding.


Cheer on your kids while they learn skills and what it means to be part of a team. Brighton’s dedicated sports fields are a place to play, have fun and meet your neighbours.

Picture of community with a lake in the middle

Wetland boardwalks

Beautiful boardwalks bring you into the landscape, where you can take in the views and get to know the avian and aquatic residents.

A philosophy of play

Inclusive parks that are fun for everyone.

Welcome to Saskatoon’s first and only certified inclusive playground, where bodies, friendships and imaginations grow. Brighton Core Park has holistically been designed to provide high play value, along with the five developmental benefits of inclusive play. All of these benefits come together in this park to ensure that no child is left out of the fun.


Creating gross and fine motor development


Facilitating problem-solving, abstract thinking and learning


Exploring expressive, receptive, pragmatic language


encouraging interaction, cooperation and self-confidence.


Developing sight, touch, smell, hearing, vestibular and proprioception

Bear Paw Park

Logs, trees, and bears oh my!

Discover a state-of-the-art playground that maximizes fun and safety, so kids of all ages can enjoy! Inspired by a mountain forest, kids in the neighbourhood can run right off their front porch to play.

Woodlands Park

If you go into the woods today…

Designed around woodland critters, kiddos may spot a bear, rabbit, raccoon, bobcat, or beaver as they climb, balance, slide or swing from a tree trunk.

Prairie Lily Park

Swing, slide and totter!

Slide down from a tree house, climb giant boulders, run across the suspension bridge, or bounce with your friends on the four-person teeter totter.


Home to a diversity of creatures and plants, Brighton’s 41 acres of ponds and wetlands are a unique ecosystem. Walking and biking trails, lookout points and educational plaques bring you closer to the wild right in your backyard. We have worked closely with Ducks Unlimited and Native Plant Solutions to conserve this essential habitat.

Life at the water’s edge.

If water views bring you peace, there’s a special opportunity to live along the wetlands in the Water’s Edge neighbourhood. Look out your window and forget you live in the city, then share your morning walk with the birds.


82+ acres of parks

48 varieties of trees & shrubs

170 sq.m. of spray park

2,235 sq.m. of play equipment

8,336 trees & shrubs

Tree Planting Program.

Trees are integral to the Brighton community.

At Dream, we love trees. They give us clean air and ample shade on a summer day. Brighton’s 8,336 trees will continue Saskatoon’s legacy of establishing a vibrant urban canopy in the prairies.

As your family grows, so will your trees.

Every home comes with a special front yard landscaping package that includes grading, topsoil, and sod, along with a tree and shrubbery. A perfect finish to your new home.


All of life’s essentials, just around the corner.

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