Brighton Neighbour Feature No. 5

Tell us a bit about yourself and your family:

My name is Venessa and I am an oncology pharmacist. My husband Tyler is a software developer and we just moved into our first home in Brighton in the fall of 2020. Our cat Mazi has learned to love her new home and spends many afternoons watching the birds and the people walking through the park behind our place. Our hobbies include anything to do with food, cooking and deliciousness. My main pastime is my hobby in cake artistry and most recently, chocolate bar creations! You can find me in Foodnetwork Canada’s Season 1 of Great Chocolate Showdown and on Instagram @foodiepharmbabe. You might even see me baking my evenings away while on your walk through the Brighton Parks! If I’m dancing or sipping on a cocktail through the kitchen, you know you’ve found us.

Why did you choose to move to Brighton and what do you like most about living here?

It sort of just happened upon us that we found the right house for us! We weren’t very particular about the location in that we wanted the kitchen and layout to fit our foodie needs. We moved from a townhouse in Willowgrove so it wasn’t actually much of a move in terms of distance. That said, backing the park and staying close to our workplaces on campus was a total bonus. I think our favourite thing so far is walking the park and foraging for haskap berries!

What do you like the most about the street you live on?

Backing the park!!!

What do you love most about your home?

Our open concept main floor is the best! What makes it perfect though is the accordion doors that open up to our deck outdoors. The entire wall of doors slides open to the outdoors and a hidden button above the fridge brings down automated screens to keep the bugs out! We’ve spent many summer nights in here. It’s been a total gem of a space

What is your kids (if you have them) favourite thing about the community or their home?

No kids yet but Mazi, our cat, loves hanging out in her fancy screened in catio! She’s still getting used to walks in the park in her cat backpack hahaha

What is something unique or something special about your family.

Tyler and I throw an epic dinner party! We are most known for our annual Christmas party where one of us usually takes a week off work to prepare for it. We cook and bake and cook and bake and no one is allowed to bring any food! The most we’ve cooked for (pre-covid) was 60 people! We have yet to experience this in our new place but we’re really looking forward to the day that we can!

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